“It’s not the Destination it’s the Journey”
No matter whether the destination is Yellowstone National Park to document the animals roaming Yellowstone Park and the Yellowstone Ecosystem or your own back yard to photograph the leaves, spider webs and flowers remember “it’s not the destination it’s the journey”.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

J. Michael Johnson Photography
Email: jmjphoto@aol.com                              
J. Michael’sViews of Yellowstone” takes one back in time to the yester-years along with the present days of Yellowstone National Park by capturing the pronghorns grazing in the fields of tall grasses beside the Old Gravel Road along with the bison grazing beside the Firehole River in the Upper Geyser Basin. 
The cold winter winds blow snow through the pass at Golden Gate as the golden yellow leaves of the Aspen trees shine against the cold blue snow that is now covering Swan Lake Flats and Electric Peak. The cold icy waters of Glen Creek drop 47 feet over the volcanic rock of Rustic Falls for all visitors to view. For five straight mornings the temps dropped to 18 degrees, freezing the fog to the point you could cut it with a knife, while I photographed the dead trees and frozen grasses surrounding Grizzly Lake and the Norris Geyser Basin. A coyote swam across the cold waters of Gibbons River looking for food at Elk Park, a sight very few individuals ever see, while other coyotes roam the banks of the Madison River and Lamar River in search of food.
Standing in one of my favorite studios, I push the shutter button capturing one of Yellowstone’s many cold winter scenes, as a late October snow storm blankets the Twin lakes and the north end of Yellowstone National Park. I leave the snowy Yellowstone eco-system to continue my photographic journeys. 
You are welcome to visit J. Michael’s web site www.JMichael.smugmug.com which features a variety of J. Michael’s veterans, POW-MIA, motorcycle related photography and nature photography. 
Check back as I provide more details on each of these locations.